Notesbrowser supports Plugins. You can install them easily in the Notesbrowser configuration by drag&drop on the plugins page.

Notesbrowser plugins presented on this page will be auto-detected from Notesbrowser if you put them in the folder ...\Notesbrowser\Plugins

Usually this is here C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\Plugins

You can start plugins with a right click on the Notesbrowser tray symbol (next to the clock) or from the main menu of Notesbrowser (click anywhere on the window border of the main screen).


MP3 Timer (1.2 MB) Freeware


MP3 Timer is an easy to use Timer that counts down and plays your favorite music to remind you!

MP3 Timer

Author: Wave Digital Studios GmbH

Unzip the ZIP file and copy the file Pizza-Timer.exe into the folder ...\Notesbrowser\Plugins


The Plugins concept of Notesbrowser is more or less a shortcut from Notesbrowser to another program.

There are two types of Plugins for Notesbrowser:

  • Some plugins offer extra features to Notesbrower, for example the MP3 Timer. They have been developed to work together with Notesbrowser.
  • Other plugins (some have been programmed by other authors and are released as Freeware on the Internet) can be used from within Notesbrowser. This usage is more or less just a shortcut to launch the plugin from Notesbrowser. You can use every tool or program this way in Notesbrowser.