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Description of Notesbrowser

Description of Notesbrowser

Notesbrowser is a professional organizer software. You can store notes and schedule dates in one integrated, easy to use interface. It is a planning tool and is suitable for both business and personal application.

This utility is very user-friendly and customizable. It can store your to-do-lists, your appointments, your bookmarks and project files, your notes and even your MP3 play lists.

An integrated search function allows you to quickly locate entries. A number of attractive skins are also available to modify the design of the interface to one of your preference.

Because of its unique design, you can store an almost unlimited amount of information in Notesbrowser and, what is more, you can access any stored information with just a couple of mouse clicks. No wonder Notesbrowser has won many awards.

All in all, Notesbrowser offers you a very easy-to-use system for entering and managing your appointments, your addresses, your notes, etc. all in one place.

Our warranty

If you have decided to use the Freeware version, we grant you:

  • The free version of Notesbrowser is a full version. It's not a demo.
  • The Freeware version will not expire and will not display nag-screens.
  • There are no 'half working' features
  • All features are fully functional, just as described
  • There is no advertising in Notesbrowser

Generally we grant you:

  • Notesbrowser does not incorporate any Spyware
  • It will not send any files anywhere or make 'silent' connections to the Internet
  • No files will be copied to any folders except to the install folder itself
  • Your computer will not be trashed
  • No DLL's and other files will be copied to the Windows or System folder
  • Notesbrowser is subjected to tests of major anti virus programs before it's release
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