Download Notesbrowser 2.3  64bit (Română):


Download Notesbrowser Română





Notesbrowser Setup version 32bit


Download Notesbrowser Lite 2.3  64bit (Română):


Download Notesbrowser Lite Română





Notesbrowser Lite 32bit Setup version


Download Notesbrowser Editor 2.3  64bit (Română):


Download Notesbrowser Editor Setup Română

Notesbrowser Editor 32bit Setup version


Download Notesbrowser Editor Română

Notesbrowser Editor 32bit ZIP version



  1. Click with the right mouse button on the download image
  2. Choose “Save target as...” and download the file
  3. Localize the file on your hard disk and launch it
  4. Accept all possible warnings from Windows
  5. Follow the on-screen setup instructions
  6. Zip versions: Just unzip and run

Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.

Update from older versions

  1. Do not uninstall the previous version
  2. Exit Notesbrowser if it is running
  3. Do all the steps from installation - install the new version in the same installation path


System Requirements

  • Windows® (32bit or 64bit)