Notesbrowser Lite Beta2 released

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Notesbrowser Lite Beta2 released

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I just discovered Notesbrowser. This is unique software and very useful.
I have tried a lot of different notetaking software and got rid of most of them.
The ones I use daily are Quicknote and Notepad++.
But now I will keep Notesbrowser Lite, it's a winner. Easy to learn and good-looking.
I will be following its development closely. Thank you!
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Nico Külper
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Re: Notesbrowser Lite Beta2 released

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Hi noter,
thanks for your nice comment about notesbrowser. We are really happy, that the users of notesbrowser are satisfied with this tool and give us that positive feedback.
If there is anything that doesn't meet your expectations or anything you miss at notesbrowser, please read our instructions first or post it in this forum.

Have a good time with using notesbrowser Lite Beta2.

Nico Külper
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