60-days test version

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60-days test version

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The question:
Do I have to pay for the 60-days test version, if I downloaded and installed it? Is this an order?

The answer:
No. The download is no order and you don't have to pay for it. It is just a trial version of Notesbrowser Professional and you can test all the features of Notesbrowser for 60 days for free.

So what happens after the 60 days are over?
After this 60 days period some features are deactivated and you can use it this way, switch to the Freeware version of Notesbrowser or you can buy Notesbrowser Professional. You can even use the version with the deactivated features for a while, because you can then reach columns 2 and 3 where you might have saved some notes. These notes are never deleted, but if you only have the Freeware version you can not open column 2 and 3 because Notesbrowser Freeware supports only 1 column of categories.
However, if you later buy the Professional version and activate it, you can reach the notes in column 2 and 3 again.

If you are convinced by the 60-days test version and you buy Notesbrowser before the 60 days end or after it, you can just enter your registration data and all features will be unlocked. It is not necessary to download and install another Notesbrowser version then.

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