New user questions

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New user questions

Post by robinsiebler »

First, is there anyway to change from the 24 hour time format to the 12 hour time format for reminders?

Secondly, in the examples I see a check list with a checkmark next to a completed item and the font is strikeout. How is this done? Please don't say I have to do this manually.
And lastly, how to I make the program appear in the tasklist when I press Alt-TAB?
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Nico Külper
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Re: New user questions

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Hi robin,

Sorry for answering so late.
I just asked Dirk to answer questions and he will post the answers over here.

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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: New user questions

Post by Dirk Schwenke »

Hi Robin,
here are my answers:
1) No but its on our list
2) Its done manually - Sorry. Use Ctrl + D for strikeout. Copy the symbol.
3) For reasons we don't know Microsoft decided that Applications that are icons nxt to the system clock cannot appear in the running task list (that list appears with ALT + Tab). You can let Notesbrowser appear in the task bar if you change that in the configurations (on the Controls page), and Notesbrowser will appear with ALT + Tab.

Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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