Missing Rights problems (Notesbrowser cannot write)

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Missing Rights problems (Notesbrowser cannot write)

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The problem
You see a see messages that Notesbrowser files are write protected or locked, but no one is working with them but you.

This is usually a missing rights problem. The Notesbrowser folder is lacking rights for your user group.

You can try to run Notesbrowser with Administrator privileges:

See picture here:

If everything works fine then, the Notesbrowser database or configurations folder (or both) need more rights.

Reason: Notesbrowser needs full read/write rights in the folder in which the Notesbrowser.exe is!

Attention: Only valid if you use Notesbrowser in USB mode:
You can use a small tool that we have written to analyze if all is correct in the folder you have installed and are running it:

The tool is called "Notesbrowser Analyzer" and can be downloaded here:
Download Link: Notesbrowser Analyzer


To use it, please do the following:
1) Download the ZIP file
2) un-zip the file, there is only on file in it: "Notesbrowser Analyzer.exe"
3) put the file "Notesbrowser Analyzer.exe" in the same folder like your "nb.exe", usually in C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser
4) Doubleclick the file "Notesbrowser Analyzer.exe" to start it
5) You will see a report log
6) Click on the button "Copy this Log to Clipboard"
7) Paste the Log into an Email and send it to service_AT_notesbrowser.de

What does the Analyzer do? Well basically it created a file, tries to write in it, and to delete it. That are all operations Notesbrowser needs to perform to keep your notes. If there is something wrong, you will see it as red entry in the report.

The solution
If you find your Notesbrowser folder is laking rights, please do the following:

1) Exit Notesbrowser. If it is hanging, you may need to start the Task Manager and kill the process nb.exe
2) Open the Windows File Explorer
3) Go to the Notesbrowser path, for example C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\
4) Right click on the folder Notesbrowser
5) Choose Properties the go to the Security tab
6) Click the edit button
7) Choose (highlight) the group “Users” from the upper list
8 ) In the list on the bottom check the box next to “Full control” and "Modify" below the label “Allow”
9) All boxes below "Allow" shall be checked. Also for the group Administrators.
10) Press Apply
11) Open the dialog again to see if the checks are still there. Sometimes this isn't the case
12) Finished! You can not restart Notesbrowser

If you run the Analyzer again, everything should be green then in the log, and Notesbrowser should run without problems!

Other possible solution
If the rights can not be applied, there is an emergency solution:
1) Exit Notesbrowser
2) Copy the whole Notesbrowser path to a folder where you have all rights, for example the "Documents" folder
3) Run Notesbrowser from there by double clicking the file nb.exe
4) If everything is working, delete or archive the original Notesbrowser path
5) Don't forget to change the shortcuts to nb.exe that are on the desktop, in the start menu and the startup folder
6) In case you need to update Notesbrowser later, remember that you put it in a different path and change the installation path accordingly
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