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How do I unlock Notesbrowser?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:30 pm
by Dirk Schwenke
Here is a step-by-step manual how to unlock (register) Notesbrowser once you have got your Password and Serial Number from us. Note: If you don't have your Password and Serial Number, you can not continue! Please please look at this thread:

If you have lost your Password or Serial Number, please contact us by Mail (email is on the contact page of our homepage).

Okay here is the manual:

1. Open the registration page, either:
  • - choose 'register' from the menu
    - go to the configurations(key F10) and choose register
    - click on the silhouette icon in the title bar:
2. In the bottom left corner enter your Password (starts with a 'R')


3. Below it, enter your serial number (starts with a '2')

Click on 'OK' to complete the registration:

Then you should see this message:

If not, please check your Password and Serial number:
  • - Try to copy & paste them into the textboxes.
    - Copy & Paste them from Notepad(!) so you can be sure there are no invisible characters in it.
    - Check that you have entered the Password in the first box. Hint: The Password starts with a letter, the Serial number with a number.
    - If you still have problems with the registration, contact us with the exact(!) error message you get.
How to check that the registration was successfull:

To see that you are working with the unlocked, registered software:

1. Open the configurations:

2. Click on the "Register" button

There should be a screen looking this way, which confirms tha you have bought the product:

And I can only repeat it: Thank you for buying Notesbrowser! :-)