Some features request

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Some features request

Post by kimotheraphy »

I like to clip snippets of information from web pages. I use TreeDBNotes and Rightnote extensively for this purpose. I am trying out Notesbrowser as I like the way it organizes things into a "notice board" format that enables me to view many different fields at a glance. However I notice that it leaves out images when I copy and paste information from the web. Only text remains. If there is one feature I would like to request, it would be to be able to copy and paste both text and images.

Also a quick menu button to clear/empty a field so that it becomes blank, would be nice..

Thank you
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Dirk Schwenke
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Re: Some features request

Post by Dirk Schwenke »

Yes to get both text and images would be a good idea - this works with some webpages but not with all.

To clear a field, I usually use CTR+A and CTRL+X (or the Del key) - this is a very fast way to clear a field. But we will think about a button.

Thank you for the feature request! I will add them to our "wish list".
Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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