Import old database in Notesbrowser

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Import old database in Notesbrowser

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I have just downloaded NB. Can someone tell me how to move the data I have in an earlier version to the new version, please?


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Hello Tristar,
I have written a small manual to solve this problem. I will also move this to the FAQ.

Background Information
If you install Notesbrowser in the same folder like the previous version, the import is always automatic. Standard path for the installation is C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\ (the path was C:\Program Files\IC3 till the release of NB 1.7) but of course it is possible to change it. So I think you have two installation paths now and therefore two databases, one in an old folder, one in the new folder (where you have just installed the latest Notesbrowser).

The Notesbrowser database is file-based and all the files are always in the installation path and have the ending .nbw or .xml (before 1.7 also .ic3).

Where is my database?
The first step is to find out where your old database folder and where your new database folder is. You can do so if you search for the files with the ending ".nbw" on your harddisks. There will be two folders, for example C:\Program Files\IC3\ and C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\

If there are more folders, make sure that are not old Backups.

Here is a tool that does the job to search your Notesbrowser Database for you:
- Whare is my database? (Tool)

Which database is the new one?
The next step is to find out which folder contains the old and which the new database.

You can find out the database of your latest installation if you:
A) Open the configurations (key F10) and on the first page, the info page, you can read the database path.

B) Without going into the Configs, you can hover the mouse over a Category button (one of the 20 buttons on the right side). A mouse hint will open and you can see something like C:\Program Files\Notesbrowser\01-01-Category.nbw The path ...Notesbrowser\ is the database path, "01-01-Category.nbw" is the file where the Category is saved in.

Import old database in new Notesbrowser with Recover feature

Before you start I highly recommend to make backups of all folders in which a Notesbrowser database is - just in case you are copying in the wrong direction.

Now that you have found out where your two databases (old and new) are, do:
1) Exit all Notesbrowser version that are running (with menu "Exit"!) - there shall not be a Notesbrowser Icon or Task running
2) Start the new(!) Notesbrowser
3) Go to "Configurations" -> Backup
4) Change the Backup/Restore path to the path of the old Notesbrowser database
5) Import the database with "Recover" (not Backup!)
6) Finished! Notesbrowser will restart now and load your database

You should change the Backup/Restore path now to some location where the backup makes sense (I recommend a different harddisk)

Alternative: Copy old database in new Notesbrowser

Before you start, make backups of all folders involved!

You must have found out where your old and where your new database is:
1) Delete all files with ending .ic3 ending .nbw and ending .xml from the new database folder -> this cleans up the database and is optional
2) Copy all files with ending .ic3 ending .nbw and ending .xml from the old database folder to the new database folder, overwriting exisiting files
3) Finished! The new Notesbrowser shall have all the old data.

Best Regards,

Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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Notesbrowser 1.6

Post by tristar »

Thank you, Dirke, all OK now.
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