Notebrowser & Vista

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Notebrowser & Vista

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This may not be the right part of the forum to write this but it may help some Notebrowser users.

Windows Vista is by no means a stable operating system with many issues yet to be resolved. Due to Vista's reluctance readily to accept 3rd party Graphics Card drivers other than it's own for some cards, there are occasions in certain circumstances where it will 'throw a wobbly'. I have become aware of these issues because I do 3D Artwork and Vista's own drivers can render some of the important features of a good graphics card non functional.

I run Notebrowser at Startup and very often I get reminders pop on screen during the boot process. That in itself is no problem but if one doesn't attend to the reminders for any length of time, some machines running Vista could experience a screen graphics corruption requiring a Ctrl,Alt, Delete reboot. This may very well occur with other programmes that load reminders or similar.

This is NOT a Notebrowser issue but a Vista Graphics issue. I run other software which if left on screen unattended for any length of time can cause the same problem of worse.
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