Moving Notesbrowser to a new PC

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Moving Notesbrowser to a new PC

Post by Tursiops »

I had Notesbrowser 1.6 with a lot of data on my C:\ drive on PC#1. It overheated and "fried"! :cry: The hard drives were OK. I installed them in my new PC#2. The good news is that all my files seem to be OK.
Thank you for not having to access the registry or other system areas!!!
My files were all in C:\Program Files\IC3
Now the drive is designated F:\Program Files\IC3 and includes a fresh backup, folders for Skins, Plugins, Language, System and Tutorial. Everthing seems to work from there and will load from F:\. :-)

Can I safely move the primary IC3 folder from F:\Program Files\ to my new C:\Program Files?
Or do you think I should leave it in F:\ and make shortcuts to my Start Menu and Desktop icons?
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Dirk Schwenke
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Post by Dirk Schwenke »

Yes, it is perfectly savely to move the whole folder to the C: drive. Only the shortcuts have to be changed, but that is not a big problem. All files needed by Notesbrowser are below the single folder and you are right, there are no System files or registry entries used.

To the shortcuts: Don't forget the shortcut in the Autostart. If you want Notesbrowser to start minimized on every PC start, just add -m to the Shortcut:

Example how the Notesbrowser shortcut properties in Start -> Programs -> Startup look like:
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