Is Notesbrowser running under Windows Vista?

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Is Notesbrowser running under Windows Vista?

Post by Dirk Schwenke » Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:12 pm

A Question we often hear these days: Is Notesbrowser compatible to the new Windows Vista?

Yes, it is fully compatible to Vista and Vista Service Pack 1 (also to the 64bit versions).

We have not found any problems so far, despite of a minor issue with the new 3D task preview in Vista, where Notesbrowser is sometimes not displayed as a task if it is minimized to tray. This is not really a bug, but a design decision of Microsoft that tray programs do not get a task entry...

There are sometimes rights problems with Vista, which are very rare. Here are two threads about it with more information:

If you find another bug and thing this may be related to Windows Vista (or if you find a bug at all) please report it in this Forum.

Thank you!
Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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