Step-by-step installation of Notesbrowser in pictures

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Step-by-step installation of Notesbrowser in pictures

Post by Dirk Schwenke » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:08 pm

Step-by-step installation of Notesbrowser:

Welcome! Here is how to install Notesbrowser!

Here are four major chapter in this Step-by-step tutorial:
A. Download the setup file from the internet
B. Install Notesbrowser with the Setup
C. Start Notesbrowser (and register if you have bought it)
D. Troubleshooting

This tutorial describes the installation on an English Windows Vista and with
Internet Explorer 7 but the procedure are nearly the same with Firefox and Windows XP
or other Windows versions. Only the screenshots will look a bit different.

If you have bought the CD you can start at Chapter B step 3 because the setup will start if you insert the CD.

So here we go:

A. Download the setup file from the internet
1. Go to our homepage

2. Click on the download button in the menu to go to the download page (red circle in the screenshot!)
Alternative: If you want to install a different language than English click on a flag in the right upper corner
and go to the download page of the desired language:

3. You should be on the download page now. If it is the English download page the address should be:

For example if you want to download the Spanish Notesbrowser the address will be this:

Note! The following screenshots are made with Internet Explorer 7. But they will look and behave
nearly the same with Firefox or other browsers. If you have difficulties, please use the Internet Explorer
for these steps.

4. Scroll down a bit on the download page until you see this download button (red circle!):

5. Click on the "Download Notesbrowser" button with the right mouse button:
And select "Save Target As".

6. You will see a tiny windows appear where you can select the target path where you want to
save the setup file:
Note: You can drag this tiny window bigger if you hold the left mouse button pressed where the
red circle is in the screenshot and move the mouse until the window is bigger

7. Now the window is bigger:
To choose a target path where to save the setup file you can either click on the left side in the
"folders" field or you can click in the upper address field and enter the path (both are marked
with red circles). If you are not sure what to do, don't change the path at all.

Note: You should remember where you put the file. If you can not find the setup file again,
you will not be able to start the setup again if there are problems.

8. Now click on "Save"
The file will be downloaded from the Internet and this screen will appear after a short time:

You can click on "Run" and the Notesbrowser setup should start (go to chapter B step 3 then). But
we recommend that you locate the setup file first and click on the button "Open folder" to locate in
on your harddisk.

B. Install Notesbrowser with the Setup

1. Locate the setup file on your harddisk to launch the Setup:

2. You can now start the setup with a double click on the file "nbesetup.exe"

OR alternatively if you experience problems, you can start the setup with a right click and then
choose "Run as administrator"

3. You should see this screen now:

Click on "Next" two times, then on button "Accept".

4. You should now see this screen:

You don't have to change this path. Do only change it if you:
  • a. have installed Notesbrowser before - and to a different path. Explanation: If you update
    Notesbrowser and install it to the same path where you installed the previous version, all data will be
    imported. If you don't, you will have to import it yourself: here is how: Import database

    b. you want to install Notesbrowser to a USB stick. For example if your USB stick has the drive letter E:\
    you can choose the path E:\Notesbrowser to install it to your USB stick

    c. you have read/write permission problems to run Notesbrowser from the "Program Files" path.
    If you choose to install to C:\Notesbrowser may fix the problems.
5. Click on next:

Note: The option "Autostart" will create a shortcut that starts Notesbrowser minimized as a icon
every time you start the PC

6. Click on "Install"

After a while the setup is finished:

Note: Sometimes there is a windows telling you "Notesbrowser might not have installed correctly".
Ignore this by pressing "This program installed correctly"

7. Click "Close" and Notesbrowser should start

You can also start Notesbrower by clicking on the icon on the desktop.

If you have problems starting Notesbrowser for example you have read/write permission problems,
start Notesbrowser with Administrator rights:
Note: If you have found out that Notesbrowser needs Administrator rights to run properly
every time, you can change the shortcut to do so:
Right click the shortcut->Properties->Compatibility->Run this program as an adminstrator

C. Start Notesbrowser (and register if you have bought it)

1. Start Notesbrowser. If you start Notesbrowser the first time, this screen should appear:

Click on the arrow.

2. In this screen you can select if you want to use the Freeware or the Professional version
(Pro is preselected). The Freeware is free but has certain limits. The Professional can be tested 60 days
for free and after that you can either buy the Professional or switch to the Freeware (No data will be lost!).
So we recommend you don't change this option and press the OK Button.

Finished! Notesbrowser is now ready and can be used!

3. How to register

Note: You must buy Notesbrowser to get your personal registration data. To buy Notesbrowser now, go to:
Registration data is always valid for all languages! Thank you for supporting us :D

If you have the registration email send to you, open it and click on the register icon (in the red circle):
To register, click on this icon:
Or alternatively press the key "F10" to open the configurations and click on "register"

4. Then the register screen will be visible:
Enter the password and the serial number from your Registration Email in the fields on the left side.

Note: The password is entered into the upper field. It starts with an letter. The serial number starts with an
number. To prevent typing errors you can copy and paste the registration data from the Email.

Then press OK.

5. Your registration data will be checked, if there is no error, you will see this message:

If you did not enter the registration data correct, you will see an error message. If you do, please try to retype
the password and serial number, or better copy and paste it from the Email. Be sure you don't accidentally
copy blanks or invisible control characters (like line breaks, etc) into the password or serial field. To make sure
there are no control characters in the clipboard you should paste the password and serial number into Notepad
and then copy it again from Notepad and paste it into Notesbrowser.

Be sure you don't interchange password and serial!

If you still have troubles, send us an Email and we will help you!

6. Finished! You should be able to use Notesbrowser now!

D. Troubleshooting

If there is a problem, we can help you. But first be sure:
  • a. You did everything exactly as described above
    b. Also tried to run both the setup and the program with administrator rights, as described above
    c. If you have somebody who has more experience with computers, try to get the "expert" to help you
If everything fails, contact us. Write your question into this Forum or contact us directly: Our Notesbrowser Contact

Please include in your Email or Forum post:
  • - what you did and where it failed, for example it failed at chapter C step 5. (the steps are all numbered!)
    - include a screenshot of every error message or at least the wording
    - not(!) in the forum: Your registration data if you have one - but we help all people, not only customers!
Then wait. We will help you, but it may take some time if we are busy.

Your Notesbrowser Team
Dirk Schwenke,
Notesbrowser Team

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