August 2010 - Notesbrowser 1.8.6 Final released

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August 2010 - Notesbrowser 1.8.6 Final released

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We are glad to release Notesbrowser 1.8.6!

Notesbrowser 1.8.6 is a maintenance release that removes many bugs and is internally reworked. It was built with a new development environment (Delphi 2010) on Windows 7. But it will work with most older Windows versions, of course.

There are also new features: Most important you can copy and paste categories and pages now (Pages only in the Professional version).

The setup can be downloaded here:
(Size: 7,8 MB)

Zip-archive (no setup, just unzip, works):
(Size: 7,3 MB)

Will work with: Windows® Vista/XP/Win2000/WinME/Win2003/Win2008/Windows7
Will work with 32bit and 64bit Windows

New Features in Notesbrowser 1.8.6:
- copy/paste of categories
- copy/paste of pages (Feature of the Professional Version)
- fast rename of categories and pages with the key F2 (no rename dialog!)
- right click on categories: "Open folder here": Opens the explorer with the file selected
- better skin support for big screen resolutions
- new selection "60 minutes" for Mp3Timer plugin
- new version of Mp3 Timer plugin
- new plugin DoNext, supported as a plugin
- compiled with new development environment

New keys:
- CTRL + SHIFT + C = Copy page (only Pro Version)
- CTRL + E = Insert new page
- CTRL + F8 = open registration dialog

Changed keys:
- F2 = rename
- CTRL + F2 = switch on/off menu bar

Bugs removed:
- dates don't pop up while a search runs and disturb the search
- bug in print preview removed: Sometimes fields that were nearly empty where not shown in the print preview. Also some titles were not shown correctly when fields were empty.
- in rare cases it was not possible to open the scheduler at all
- bug removed: right click on the date preview field and selecting 'delete date'
- sometimes, at first start of Notesbrowser, there was a wrong alert that another Notesbrowser database was found on the computer when there was none
- GIFs with transparency corrected (in the scheduler)
- bug removed: in rare cases the key combination Alt + Right arrow jumped over a page
- many small bugs removed

Have fun with the new version!
Report bugs!
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