MP3 Timer with different start time

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MP3 Timer with different start time

Post by Dirk Schwenke » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:00 pm

The MP3 Timer starts usually with a time of "12:00". How to use a different time for start value?

There is a command line parameter which sets the starting time.
For Example you can type in the MS-DOS Console:

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C:\Program Files\MP3Timer\Pizza-Timer.exe -t3
This starts the Timer with a 3 minutes countdown.

To use this in a everyday situation, you can change the shortcut that starts your MP3 Timer:
1) Right click on the shortcut icon
2) Choose "Properties"
3) Add this to the path in the target field: -t3 (with a space!)
(sometimes you have to use brackets, e.g. „C:\Program Files\MP3Timer\Pizza-Timer.exe -t3“
4) Then the timer starts with the countdown time of your choice!

A second command line parameter - not very important:
With the parameter "-s" it is possible to pass text to the Timer, e.g.

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„C:\Program Files\MP3Timer\Pizza-Timer.exe -t3 -sMy Text“ 
...starts the Timer with 3 minutes countdown and the text "My Text" displayed

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